Monday, 9 April 2018

Don't Litter Animation

This is a animation about littering so make sure you don't litter or you might end up like this person

Monday, 26 March 2018

Math problames

I have $375 in my wallet. Mum gives me $2 to buy a scratchy. I get lucky and win $127 on my scratchie. How much money do I have altogether?
375 + 127 = 502

At Pt England College there are 659 children. One day we have 196 children at Tamaki Primary come visit us. How many children are there altogether? 659 + 196 = 855

I was going on holiday and had $4500 for my trip. My flights cost me $2842. How much money was I left with for my trip? 4500 - 2842 = 1658

There are 947 people who work at Sylvia Park Mall. One day there is a fire drill and 632 people leave the building. How many people are left at Sylvia park? 947 + 632 = 1479

On my birthday I received $236 from my family in total and added this to my savings that currently had a balance of $1254. How much money do I now have in total? 1254 + 236 = 1490

Venus is 1683 degrees fahrenheit. One day the temperature drops 387 degree fahrenheit. What is the temperature now on Venus? 1683 fahrenheit - 387 fahrenheit = 1296

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Letter To Ms Tapuke

Dear Ms Tapuke,

My name is Kaharau and i’m from New Zealand i am maori.
My age is 12 and i am the i am the 5th oldest out of my brothers and sisters.
I have 7 brothers including me. I have sisters 4 sisters

My favorite thing to do when i get to school is talk or play with my mates
and when i get home i like to play on my phone and play on my Xbox all day
long sometimes i like play outside. I am interested in food,youtube.

What i dislike at school is maths,warm water last but not least broken loan
books. My goals for this year is to move up in maths and reading and to
have a good year

A good teacher will always help a kid do their work or give them feedback
on how to do the work that they are doing. And they reward them with

I would like Ms Tapuke to know that I don’t have anything that i want her to
know about me.

From: Kaharau

Monday, 11 December 2017

andrew patterson

Mr patterson came into our school with a guy called raenin i dont know how to spell his name so yeah today he inspired everyone to do what you want and you are the boss of yourself and he inspired me lots and i am looking forward to the futhure

2017 reflection

My favourite thing i did this year was going to rainbows end i liked it because i was in a group with lots of my friends it was so cool and funImage result for rainbows end

hope you enjoy my post about my Favourite part of 2017